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    STA 40

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    Whirlwind STA40 Septic Air Pump

    2.7 CFM, 2 Year Warranty


    The Whirlwind STA40 Septic Air Pump is one of the highest quality, reliable septic air pumps on the market today! It's longer service life and performance makes it one of the best available. Perfect for some 500 GPD treatment systems as well as pond aeration, etc.

    Most 500GPD treatment systems will use our Whirlwind ST60N or STA80N.

    Includes: Filter pad (1) Hose and clips (2) User Manual


    The Whirlwind STA40 Septic Air Pump comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

    Whirlwind STA40 Diaphragm Kit


    One diaphragm kit for Whirlwind STA40 Linear Air Pump.

    Whirlwind air pumps provide years of dependable service but due to continual wear over time some pump components may need to be replaced in order to continue to provide the proper air flow. Instead of purchasing a new pump, you may just need to replace some internal components.

    Diaphragm kit includes two diaphragm blocks, two diaphragm heads, one filter pad, and hardware.

    STA 40

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