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    Flagg Air 340 HT-N

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    Flagg-Air 340HT Norweco Replacement Septic Aerator

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    2 Year (non-pro rated) Warranty


    The Flagg-Air® 340HT-N Septic Aerator is a brand-new, not refurbished, shaft-style septic aerator with 14” brackets designed specifically for use in Norweco Singulair®* tanks as a premium OEM replacement for ALL Norweco Singulair® aerator units (including models 96, 960, 206C and 780), Alpha Air model AL500-14, and model 735.

    The Flagg-Air® 340HT-N Septic Aerator features a low RPM with high CFM, fully enclosed continuous duty motor with 2-foot power cord; pre-lubricated and sealed bearings; and a 7-amp mini breaker. This shaft-style aerator has a 304 stainless-steel aerator shaft, bronze coupler, and powder-coated steel brackets that have rubber vibration restrictors to provide improved mounting stability and bearing life. The Flagg-Air® 340HT-N Septic Aerator uses only high-impact plastic for the suds restrictor, aspirator, and the 3-in-1 T-Bar handle.

    The distinguishing difference between the 340HT Series Flagg-Air® aerators is bracket size. The FA340HT-N is a Norweco Singulair® septic aerator alternative with 14-inch brackets designed to fit the 12” diameter tank opening of Norweco Singulair® aerobic septic systems. The FA340HT-J is a Jet®** septic aerator replacement with 12-inch brackets designed to fit the 10” diameter tank opening in Jet® aerobic septic systems. Norweco Singulair® aerators will be blue and Jet® septic aerators will be red. Measure your tank opening to determine which aerobic septic system pump replacement to buy or call our Customer Service at (800) 778-1540 for assistance.

    Every Flagg-Air® Septic Aerator includes a separate 7-amp mini circuit breaker to protect the motor. Installation of this mini breaker is required for warranty purposes. If you are replacing a Flagg-Air® septic shaft aerator, it is recommended to replace an existing 7-amp breaker with the new one that was shipped with your unit.

    7 Amp Mini Circuit Breaker


    7 Amp Mini Circuit Breaker is used with the Flagg-Air 340-HP and HT Aerators and the Red Alert P101FA-2 Control Panel or for any aerators requiring a 7 Amp Mini Circuit breaker.

    Flagg Air 340 HT-N

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