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    Submersible Septic Tank Aerator - MAXAIR500

    The MAXAIR500 - Our Submersible Septic Tank Pump

    The MAXAIR500 Submersible Pump is an ideal solution for homeowners looking to optimize their septic system's performance. With its motor-powered impeller, this innovative aerator draws in fresh air through a PVC pipe or hose, generating a cascade of bubbles that blend seamlessly with wastewater to create an oxygen-rich mixture. This helps promote the growth of aerobic bacteria, which is critical for breaking down contaminants in the wastewater.

    Our MAXAIR500 Sub Pump runs quietly and efficiently, making it a great choice for homeowners who need to maintain their septic system without any disruption or loud noises. Plus, its durable materials make it resistant to damage, meaning it will provide long-lasting performance for years to come.

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    Enhancing Your Septic System Performance with the MAXAIR500 Submersible Aerator Pump

    The MAXAIR500 Submersible Aerator is a game-changer for your septic system. Strategically positioned at the bottom of the aeration tank, this innovative aerator enhances the efficiency of your wastewater treatment process. By utilizing a motor-powered impeller, the MAXAIR500 draws in fresh air through a PVC pipe or hose, generating a cascade of bubbles that blend seamlessly with the wastewater. This oxygen-rich mixture promotes the growth of vital aerobic bacteria, critical for the optimal breakdown of wastewater contaminants.

    Ideal Replacement for Multi-Flo® and Enviro-Guard® Septic Systems

    For those with Multi-Flo® and Enviro-Guard® septic systems, the MAXAIR500 is a seamless replacement choice. These systems, designed to treat wastewater effectively, benefit from the MAXAIR500's superior aeration capabilities. By directly replacing OEM aerators, the MAXAIR500 ensures a cost-effective upgrade that guarantees outstanding results

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    Why Septic Pump Contractors Choose Our Submersible Aerator

    The MAXAIR500 Submersible Aerator provides a powerful, innovative solution for septic pump specialists looking to maximize the efficiency of their septic systems. Our sub pump is designed to reduce operating costs and minimize the complexity of wastewater management.

    A Submersible Septic Pump Built to Last

    Durability matters, and the MAXAIR500 is engineered to surpass expectations. Constructed with premium, corrosion-resistant materials, this aerator is designed to withstand the test of time. Its rugged construction includes a stainless-steel enclosed motor housing, epoxy-coated cast-iron outer shell, high-impact plastic components, and stainless-steel tripod stand legs with rubber feet. This level of craftsmanship ensures years of trouble-free, non-clog operation, safeguarding your investment in the long run.

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    Revolutionary Non-Clog Design

    Say goodbye to impeller clogs! Unlike traditional pumps, the MAXAIR500 features a cutting-edge, non-clog impeller design. Crafted from high-impact plastic, the impeller's recessed, semi-open structure eliminates the common issue of debris and solids buildup. This revolutionary improvement guarantees consistent performance, maintaining the flow of oxygen-rich bubbles for efficient wastewater treatment.

    Optimized Sub Pump Performance

    Verified through independent testing, the MAXAIR500 sets new standards for septic aerator performance. Its compatibility as a replacement for aerators in Multi-Flo® and Enviro-Guard® systems has been rigorously validated. This exceptional performance translates to elevated oxygen transfer rates, fueling the growth of active beneficial bacteria that effectively break down wastewater contaminants.

     Whisper-Quiet Operation

    Experience tranquility with the MAXAIR500's nearly noiseless continuous duty motor. Designed for round-the-clock operation, its low-speed, high-torque motor emits minimal sound when submerged. This energy-efficient design consumes less power, translating to reduced utility expenses without compromising performance. Finally, a quiet sub pump.

    Adaptable to Challenging Climates

    The MAXAIR500 thrives in diverse climates, even in challenging conditions. Its fully submerged design ensures cooling by the tank's liquid, making it resistant to overheating in warmer areas. Moreover, this submersible feature makes it flood-proof, offering resilience against hurricanes and rapid water level fluctuations. Count on the MAXAIR500 to perform consistently, regardless of the environment.

    The MAXAIR500 is The Right Choice For an Efficient Submersible Aeration Pump

    Treating 500 to 1500 gallons per day, the MAXAIR500 is your go-to solution for septic system enhancement. Compatible with a range of Enviro-Guard® and Multi-Flo® models, it seamlessly integrates into various setups. Whether you're seeking a replacement for your aging aerator or aiming to elevate your septic system's performance, the MAXAIR500 Submersible Aerator delivers unmatched quality, performance, and a design that puts it in a league of its own. Trust in the MAXAIR500 for a healthier, more efficient septic system that stands the test of time.