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    FTB 1.0/1000 GPD

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    MAXAIR500 Multi-Flo Replacement Submersible Aerator

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    The MAXAIR500 Submersible Aerator is a direct replacement for Multi-Flo® and Enviro-Guard®* aerobic septic systems. The MAXAIR500 septic aerator outperforms the competition in terms of aeration and its innovative, non-clog design puts the MAXAIR500 in a class above the rest. For years, septic professionals have trusted the MAXAIR500 as an Enviro-Guard® or Multi-Flo® aerator replacement for its quality construction, excellent performance, and superior submersible design.

    The MAXAIR500 treats 500-1500 gallons per day (GPD) making it compatible with ALL Enviro-Guard® and Multi-Flo® aerators and works in the following systems: Enviro-Guard® Model ENV.750, Multi-Flo® FTB 0.5 (500 GPD), FTB 0.6 (600 GPD), FTB 0.75 (750 GPD), FTB 1.0 (1000 GPD), FTB 1.5 (1500 GPD).


    We offer a 2-year limited warranty on the MaxAir500 Submersible Aerator.

    Filter Replacement Socks for MAXAIR500 and Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard Systems

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    Filter socks are specifically designed as replacement filters for Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard* tanks. The filters (30-Pk) meets or exceeds industry standards for this type of filtration system. A filter “sock” that is washable and reusable, the Max filters are effective at trapping debris and particulates proven to help ensure the smooth operation of the system. The fibers of the filters are durable enough to withstand the environment of a submersible aerator.

    Proudly made in the USA, the MAXAIR500 Filter Sock is key to system maintenance and performance in Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard tanks. Changing out or cleaning your filter sock is vital to protect against a system backup due to a clogged filter. MAXAIR500 Filter Socks can be cleaned when the filter becomes clogged with debris, particulates, and other materials. However, sometimes the filter socks get plugged by grease, soap, residue, or solids which make cleaning a chore. Save yourself time and energy and grab the MAXAIR500 Filters (30-Pack) for simple and easy filter sock replacement.

    A standard residential system should be pumped every 2 to 4 years.

    Filter socks may be used in an Enviro-Guard tank and a Multi-Flo©* tank.

    *Multi-Flo© is a registered trademark of Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. All original manufacturer's names, drawings and part numbers are used for identification purposes only and we are in no way implying that any of our products are original equipment parts, or are affiliated with, or endorsed or approved by the original manufacturers.

    FTB 1.0/1000 GPD

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