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    Manufacturer: Maxair

    Filter Replacement Socks for MAXAIR500 and Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard Systems

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    Filter socks are specifically designed as replacement filters for Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard* tanks. The filters (30-Pk) meets or exceeds industry standards for this type of filtration system. A filter “sock” that is washable and reusable, the Max filters are effective at trapping debris and particulates proven to help ensure the smooth operation of the system. The fibers of the filters are durable enough to withstand the environment of a submersible aerator.

    Proudly made in the USA, the MAXAIR500 Filter Sock is key to system maintenance and performance in Multi-Flo/Enviro-Guard tanks. Changing out or cleaning your filter sock is vital to protect against a system backup due to a clogged filter. MAXAIR500 Filter Socks can be cleaned when the filter becomes clogged with debris, particulates, and other materials. However, sometimes the filter socks get plugged by grease, soap, residue, or solids which make cleaning a chore. Save yourself time and energy and grab the MAXAIR500 Filters (30-Pack) for simple and easy filter sock replacement.

    A standard residential system should be pumped every 2 to 4 years.

    Filter socks may be used in an Enviro-Guard tank and a Multi-Flo©* tank.

    *Multi-Flo© is a registered trademark of Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. All original manufacturer's names, drawings and part numbers are used for identification purposes only and we are in no way implying that any of our products are original equipment parts, or are affiliated with, or endorsed or approved by the original manufacturers.

    Product Details

    • Pack includes 30 individual filter socks
    • Length of 40”
    • Washable/Reusable
    • Polyester filters are interwoven with nylon fibers


    Spec Sheet

    Products specifications
    Unit Weight
    15 lbs per box, .5 lb per filter


    • Pack includes 30 individual filter socks
    • Length of 40”
    • Washable/Reusable
    • Polyester filters are interwoven with nylon fibers


    Spec Sheet


    Products specifications
    Unit Weight
    15 lbs per box, .5 lb per filter


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    The Flagg-Air® 340HT-J Septic Aerator features a low RPM with high CFM, fully enclosed continuous duty motor with 2-foot power cord; pre-lubricated and sealed bearings; and a 7-amp mini breaker. This shaft-style aerator has a 304 stainless-steel aerator shaft, bronze coupler, and powder-coated steel brackets that have rubber vibration restrictors to provide improved mounting stability and bearing life. The Flagg-Air® 340HT-J Septic Aerator uses only high-impact plastic for the suds restrictor, aspirator, and the 3-in-1 T-Bar handle.

    The distinguishing difference between the 340HT Series Flagg-Air® aerators is bracket size. The FA340HT-J is a Jet® septic aerator replacement with 12-inch brackets designed to fit the 10” diameter tank opening in Jet® aerobic septic systems. The FA340HT-N is a Norweco Singulair® ** septic aerator alternative with 14-inch brackets designed to fit the 12” diameter tank opening of Norweco Singulair® aerobic septic systems. Jet® septic aerators will be red and Norweco Singulair® aerators will be blue. Measure your tank opening to determine which aerobic septic system pump replacement to buy or call our Customer Service at (800) 778-1540 for assistance.

    Every Flagg-Air® septic aerator includes a separate 7-amp mini circuit breaker to protect the motor. Installation of this mini breaker is required for warranty purposes. If you are replacing a Flagg-Air® septic shaft aerator, it is recommended to replace an existing 7-amp breaker with the new one that was shipped with your unit.