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    Hiblow HP60 & HP80 Diaphragm Kit

    Item #: HIBHP60/80KIT

    The Hiblow HP60 & HP80 Diaphragm Kit can be used to repair/rebuild the Hiblow models HP60 & HP80. Over time, some internal parts may wear out. If your pump runs and hums but does not produce air, you may just need a rebuild kit. The kit includes: two diaphragm blocks, two diaphragm heads, one replacement air filter, and hardware.

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    Hiblow HP60 & HP80 Air Filter


    The Hiblow HP60 & HP80 Air Filter is designed to keep dirt and particles from entering the internal pump. It is recommended the filter be cleaned every six months and replaced every year.

    Hiblow HP60 & HP80 Filter Gasket


    Replacement gasket for Hiblow models HP60 & HP80. This gasket is located between the cover and the filter.

    Hiblow HP50/60/80 Dual Port Base Plate Gasket


    Replacement base plate gasket for Hiblow models HP50W/HP60W/HP80W. The gasket goes between the bottom plate and air tank keeping the bottom chamber sealed from the top so proper air flow is maintained.