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    Manufacturer: Retro Air

    Retro-Air Pod with Base Plate - Sandstone

    Item #: RASSCOVER

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    This cover with base plate is made for all Retro-Air Kits and Whirlwind Linear Air pumps but can be modified to fit other brands of pumps. Made with heavy-duty plastic to endure harsh weather conditions. Stylish cover has louvered vents to allow fresh air to pump. An excellent solution to protect your air pump. Also available in green granite.

    Product Details

    • Protects pump against all weather conditions 
    • Made with heavy-duty plastic
    • Louvered vents for fresh air flow
    • Stylish and durable 


    • Protects pump against all weather conditions 
    • Made with heavy-duty plastic
    • Louvered vents for fresh air flow
    • Stylish and durable 
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    Retro-Air Complete Hose Kit


    The Retro-Air complete hose kit contains a 15-foot section of 1/2" flexible PVC pipe, float, and weighted fine bubble diffuser pre-assembled and ready to drop in your septic tank. Can be used as a replacement for the Retro-Air or in a new installation.

    STA Low Pressure Alarm Kit


    The STA Low Pressure Alarm Kit is a designed with both visual and audible alerts when air pressure drops below the recommended levels. These alarms signify when the diaphrams are in need of replacement. It can also be used with other brand air pumps.

    Retro-Air 800 Rejuvenator System

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    4.6 CFM, 3.3 PSI


    The Retro-Air 800 Rejuvenator System is designed to convert an ordinary septic tank into an aerobic tank. This process change will repair failed systems by eliminating bio-mat clogging in the drainfield. Retro-Air is designed and tested for use in single or multiple compartment septic tanks from 500-2000 gallon and flows 300-600 gallons per day.


    80 l/min Linear Air Pump

    4" Diameter Effluent Filter

    15-foot Airline/Diffuser Assembly (color may vary)


    The Retro-Air 800 Rejuvenator System comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

    Whirlwind STA80N Septic Air Pump

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    3.9 CFM, 2 Year Warranty


    Whirlwind® STA Series Septic Air Pumps are dependable, energy-efficient aerators that offer extremely quiet operation and excellent long life. Whirlwind® linear air pumps use diaphragms to compress and move air through heavy-duty tubing into the wastewater of your septic aeration tank. The Whirlwind® STA80N Septic Air Pump operates 80 LPM at 2.18 PSI with a maximum continuous operating pressure of 4.35 PSI. The STA80N also achieves a maximum open air flow of 3.9 CFM. Linear diaphragm air pumps are effective pumps for septic aeration and have been widely used for pond aeration, as well as applications in medical and laboratory settings.

    The Whirlwind® STA80N Septic Air Pump is a compatible septic tank pump replacement for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 80 LPM models including: Alita AL-80, Blue Diamond ET-80/ETX-80, FujiMAC MAC80R II, Hiblow HP-80, Secoh EL-80/JDK-80, and Thomas AP-80/AP-80H.


    We offer a 2-Year Limited Warranty on all Whirlwind Septic Air Pumps.