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    Manufacturers: Retro Air , Whirlwind

    Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser

    Item #: RATUBEDIFF-300
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    The membrane fine bubble tube diffuser provides a uniform fine bubble for high oxygen transfer efficiency. The tube diffuser is non clogging, self cleaning, and resistant to corrosion. Can be used for wastewater applications, aeration for ponds/lakes, and many other applications.

    3/4" Threaded female inlet to 1/2" male barb fitting

    Product Details

    • Non clogging
    • Self cleaning
    • Back flow prevention
    • Corrosion resistant


    • Non clogging
    • Self cleaning
    • Back flow prevention
    • Corrosion resistant
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    The Gast 0523 Rotary Vane Air Compressor pump includes an internal muffler and filter silenced for quieter operation, a thermal protector to protect the motor from overheating and burning out as well as an integrated foot support assembly to make mounting the 0523 pump easier.

    *Thomas is a registered trademark of Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc.

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    Red Alert P101-2 Control Panel

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    For shaft-style aerators, use the Red Alert P101FA-2 Control Panel.

    The Red Alert control panel is manufactured for longevity in indoor and outdoor use. Crafted from industrial-grade plastics, UL-rated weather-resistant housing, and anti-corrosive zinc-plated screw terminals, this control panel is resistant to wear and temperature extremes.

    With the Red Alert™ 24-time control technology, the P101-2 is completely programmable with a control timer, warning light, and a 3-position toggle switch that allows the unit to be on/auto; off; or in continuous run mode. The ability to program down to 15-minute intervals gives you precise control over your aerator scheduling.


    We offer a 2-year limited warranty on Red Alert Control Panels.

    Whirlwind 80 Septic Air Pump

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    3.9 CFM, 2 Year Warranty


    Whirlwind® STA Series Septic Air Pumps are dependable, energy-efficient aerators that offer extremely quiet operation and excellent long life. Whirlwind® linear air pumps use diaphragms to compress and move air through heavy-duty tubing into the wastewater of your septic aeration tank. The Whirlwind® STA80N Septic Air Pump operates 80 LPM at 2.18 PSI with a maximum continuous operating pressure of 4.35 PSI. The STA80N also achieves a maximum open air flow of 3.9 CFM. Linear diaphragm air pumps are effective pumps for septic aeration and have been widely used for pond aeration, as well as applications in medical and laboratory settings.

    The Whirlwind® STA80N Septic Air Pump is a compatible septic tank pump replacement for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 80 LPM models including: Alita AL-80, Blue Diamond ET-80/ETX-80, FujiMAC MAC80R II, Hiblow HP-80, Secoh EL-80/JDK-80, and Thomas AP-80/AP-80H.


    We offer a 2-Year Limited Warranty on all Whirlwind Septic Air Pumps.

    9" Threaded Disc Diffuser - Fine Bubble


    The Fine Bubble Air Diffuser delivers fine air bubbles for maximum aeration in your septic system.

    3/4" Male pipe threaded connection

    9" diameter

    Whirlwind STA80 Diaphragm Kit


    One diaphragm kit for Whirlwind STA80 and STA80N Linear Air Pump.

    Whirlwind air pumps provide years of dependable service but due to continual wear over time some pump components may need to be replaced in order to continue to provide the proper air flow. Instead of purchasing a new pump, you may just need to replace some internal components.

    Diaphragm kit includes two diaphragm blocks, two diaphragm heads, one filter pad, and hardware.